Plot[ edit ] The book is set in a dystopian future where much of the environment has been ruined, the government is run by corporations, and only the privileged have enough credits to live a life of luxury in sprawling mansions in the country. Everyone else is forced to live in ruined cities, where they face starvation, or CorpCities, where they are all but slaves. Lia Kahn is one of the privileged, until an unexpected car accident leaves her fatally injured. Characters[ edit ] Lia Kahn - Once a beautiful, popular, smart year-old, Lia had her brain downloaded into an artificial body after a terrible car accident left her near death. Her new body does not need food or air, is virtually indestructible, and will not die.

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Shelves: youngadult , reads Lia shouldnt have been in the car in the first place. By doing a favor for her sister, she has changed her life forever. A one in a million chance. The navigation system in her car malfunctioned and she crashed head on with another car.

Her body broken - her skin burning, Lia waited for help. Unfortunately, her body didnt survive the trauma of the accident. However, her brain remained in tact. Lia wakes up several weeks later to find that she is alive. She has been downloaded into a new body. Instead she has to go through the indignity of learning the most basic of activities all over again. Companionship comes from an unexpected person.

She refuses to believe she is only doing what the computer is programmed to do. Lia meets a group of radical mech-heads that force her to confront her situation. Is it dangerous for her to live amongst people acting as if she is exactly like everyone else?

Is she causing the people she cares about the most more harm than good? The story is powerful and keeps you hooked until the end. Go check it out.


Robin Wasserman



Mother Daughter Widow Wife




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