But I have watched most of his movies, shows and books. And I enjoy them though some of them are not very good. I share the same views of him: Life is so meaningless, death is unavoidable, why we should live but why we are reluctant to accept death, why love is so amazing while destructive? Why why why? Compared to his movies, the writing is more hilarious, bizarre and wild. I have very good laugh from reading his prose.

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Really—this book has no Introduction. He kills for food. There is also an inspiring story of the futile race to beat Dr. Grasping the mouse firmly by the tail, I snapped it like a small whip, and the morsel of cheese came loose. If we can transfer the procedure to humans, we may have something. Too early to tell. The missing five which are also not in "Mere Anarchy" are worthwhile and funny. I recommend skipping "Insanity Defense" and obtaining the three original volumes via used-book sources, to go along with "Mere Anarchy".

Absolutely Brilliant By New Hasselhoff on Jul 17, I first read the three collections compiled herein about 20 years ago. Then, as now, I found myself sputtering with convulsive laughter as I made my way through. I literally was afraid to read it around other people because I could not control my reaction. Nothing has made me laugh out loud like this. The elegance of his language and the beautiful and profound absurdity is unparalleled. Pure gold. Do not bring to funerals or divorce proceedings.

The topics and styles are so broad as to be nearly exhaustive. And I still laugh every time I read it. A Comic Genius, Though Imperfect By Bronx Book Nerd on Jun 11, Woody Allen is probably known more for his movies than his prose, yet his prose provides an excellent presentation of his comic genius.

For me Allen is one-of-a-kind, as his comedic talent is somehow magnified by his otherwise morose and dark persona. He is an apparently well-read individual, as he takes topics from philosophy, art, literature, history and politics, and plays with them to great comic effect. As most everyone knows, Allen is the quintessential neurotic New York Jew, and this comes across in many of his pieces, as he deftly and hilariously weaves Jewish characters and culture into many of these selections.

He also demonstrates the ability to write from other points of view, and the reader is treated to hilarious compositons about detectives, restaurateurs and others. The comedy aside, Allen is also simply an excellent writer.

There is also some repetition of various types of punch lines across the works, but this is only a minor flaw. The final piece is eerily portentious as it relates a love triangle between a lover, a mother and a daughter, in other words incest taboo, which some feel Allen engaged in when he married his step-daughter. Overall, however, this is classic Woody Allen. As great today as when first published By Scott Cooper on Oct 08, I read the books from which this was compiled when I was in High School, almost 30 years ago now.

There are apparently a few items missing in this compilation, but I will not hold it against anyone. I have found the re-reading of these items just as much fun as I did in High School, when reading the stories out loud resulted in me and my friends being removed from the library. I have not been thrown out of anywhere yet while reading the book this time around, probably because I am not reading out loud leading a group into chaos and unacceptable public rancot, but I have gotten some strange looks when I fall into fits of laughter.

By Joshua P. Zatcoff on Nov 11, Woody Allen is, as always, brilliant and funny. This is the ultimate collection of his non-film writings, but similar themes to his cinematic works will be found here as well. He has a unique and, beneath the humor, accurate perspective on the realities of life and the human condition.

There is often more than meets the eye. By Craig A. Breighner on Feb 11, Many great one- and multi-liners among the three previously published books in this collection. A masterpiece of humor By Fountainheart on Jun 15, The boundless fantasy and versatility of Woody Allen comes across in his short story collection that reads like a collection of notes for himself with ideas for new screenplays.

Crazy, smart, insightful, surprising, clever and entertaining! He is a master story teller! You will certainly develop one. One yock after the other. After all, his movies belly-flop for me, mostly, but his written short story voice blows my sense of humor in the dirt. Have a wine-cooler, or something else, enjoy the laughs and bent angles and cock-eyed P.

He already owned it. Vintage Woody Allen once you get into it. But his essays are on the whole Very Funny. Some of his humor is off the wall, based on ridiculous premises. The Whore of Mensa for example:About a guy that has a great sex life with his wife but gets no intellectual stimulation.

Mensa is the organization for geniuses. But this just opens the way for some of his funniest stories. Five Stars By S. Parham on May 20, Absolutely brilliant! Perfect Gift! Best Allen book. By Bells on Dec 09, I reccommend this book to any Allen fan. It is by far the best collection of his short stories.

My boyfriend is a huge fan, and this book is the bees knees! His family is Jewish and celebrates Chanukah and my family celebrates Christmas, so I needed two gifts this year.

This was a phenomenal price for a phenomenal book. Perfect gift. By Joann Fynke on Aug 05, Good read! I read Without Feathers when he first wrote it and my old copy is tattered from reading it so much. I read him when I need to cheer myself up! Great book, came just as described with some minor wear and tear.

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The complete prose of Woody allen.



The complete prose of Woody allen.


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