Gann to was an outstanding stock and commodities trader. He was also a prolific teacher of how to make speculation a profitable profession, writing some seven books and producing two courses on trading the stock and commodity markets. Gann apparently did not disclose his precise forecasting method to anyone. Gann did however state that he discovered his forecasting method in after closely examining the stock and commodity markets for over ten years. Gann also stated that his forecasting method was based upon natural law and that he had found corroboration for his forecasting method in the Bible.

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Gann used to conceale his greatest secrets within his works. It unveils a Masonic Gematria cypher which serves to decrypt references and clues concealed in names, dates and other key words thru the text. My custodial sentence is over, and the Time is now right to release this knowledge into the world.

After working for many years under the auspices of William D. The cornerstone of this Science rests upon the relationship between numbers, the letters of the Hebrew and English alphabets, and their vibration thru the Zodiac and Annual Calendar.

Gann truly was! Nothing else comes close to the level of content and insight that is presented herein except for Volume 2, which takes all this work MUCH further. If you understand this system of hidden knowledge, it will change the way you look at many things, not just the markets. Aside from the book text, I have included 30 electronic chart attachments, with plots of cycles, charts, and intervals worked out to help with the research in electronic format to be blown up and studied.

I have also included an Excel Spreadsheet Calculator to help with the conversion of words and numbers. Lastly, I have included pre-made models for Timing Solutions that can be used to help with this research. This book is my tribute to W. Gann and is pay back to anyone who has publicly ridiculed his good name, vindicating him forever!

This book is my effort to write the book that I always wanted to read. I hope it serves to provide readers with the guidance and clues that I so badly sought 20 years ago, when I first began this study.

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Magic Word, The

The supply would decrease and the price would go up. Raininess If the two planets in question form any of the given aspects within the stated time window, then the rainfall along the Mississippi will be ideal to grow crops. The supply would increase and the price would fall. Drought If the two planets in question form any of the given aspects within the stated time window, then the Mississippi River area will experience horrible drought. Price-zodiac conversion[ edit ] This chart is inspired by an example in W.


William Delbert Gann



The Magic Word


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