The — structure of Tajmahal makes it one of the wonders of the world. He was penniless when the bank failed and declared himself ——. The child proved himself —— by his behaviour and was expelled from the school. A —— makes no difference between man and man in spreading his love. His friend —— his word much to his despair. The banquet-hall is —— decorated to celebrate the occasion.

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The —— structure dwarfed all the surrounding buildings. Her —— ways captivated many young men. The thieves —— through the cupboards searching for valuable articles. The —— of the farmland was enough to sustain the small family. The —— fumes of vehicles pollute the air.

Chaos reigned supreme at the football match. The hubbub in the cities makes one tired and irritable. We should ———— for a rainy day. The thief —— with the ornaments. He is so ———, nothing moves him. The dish was —— with herbs. Many camels together would be called a —— of camels. He came of his own ——. The fruit was juicy and ——. The teacher gave us explicit instructions. The concert was a pot-pourri of events. Which country recently June joined the Non-Aligned Movement?

A piece of metal plate with a circular hole is heated. The new face of the Indian Rupee was designed by A D. Which Himalayan town in the Ladakh Region was severely hit by a cloud burst followed by flash floods and rain? The new Chief of the Indian army is A Gen.

Kakria Who introduced Permanent Settlement? Where was the first World Classical Tamil Conference held? Who was the first Indian selected as a member of British Parliament? Who was awarded the Indira Gandhi peace prize of the year ?

Horst Koehler A spring has length l and spring constant K. It is cut into two pieces of lengths l1 and l2. Two copper wires A and B have the same weiglit and the radius of B is half that of A.

Which country launched its first High Resolution Mapping Satellite? What is the over-all sex-ratio of India according to the census? Which of the following committees is concerned with the regularity of the expenditure of the Government?

Who introduced "Din-i-llahi"? When did Munda Revolt take place? Which Governor-General of India was assassinated in the Andaman? Which Head of the state visited India in March, ? Which Amendment of the Constitution reduced the voting age from 21 years to 18 years? Which one of the following is an endemic plant? Where did Buddha preach his first sermons? Who composed the Allahabad Prasasti? Who was the author of "Pather Dabi"? Tropical evergreen forests are found in West Bengal A Below mt.

B to mt. C to mt. D Above mt. How many annual plans have been completed till the commencement of the 10th plan? Name one rootless plant. Who wrote Tahqiq-i-Hind? Which of the following has the oldest rock in India? Which of the following is an unmatching group? Who was known as Amitraghata? Which of the following soils is favourable for cotton cultivation? Who issued the Nasik Prasasti Inscription? Who was the last independent Sultan of Bengal?

Which of the following Delhi Sultans had set up a separate department of Slaves? Which of the following is a terrestrial algae? At which place Gandhiji had the first experience of mass-movement in India? Who said, "If Congress wishes to accept partition, it would be over my dead body"? Rajendra Prasad The least positive integer n such that n! During the reign of which Sultan, Chinghiz Khan invaded India?

During the reign of which ruler Ibn Batuta came to India? Which of the following Indian States that Akbar could not annex? Who caused to build Qutb Minar in Delhi? What will be the angle between the two hands of a clock at hrs. When was University of Calcutta founded?

Which of the following hydroelectric power projects has the largest installed capacity M. To which place did Murshid Quli Khan transfer his capital from Dacca? Which Indian ruler was made the prisoner of the Revolt of ? Two trains each of metre length, and travelling with equal speed but in opposite directions, cross each other in 10 sec.

The speed of the trains is. Which is the most industrially advanced state in India? A number, divisible by 7, which when divided by 4, 9 or 12 leaves a remainder 3. Given the Premises i Human cannot live without atmosphere ii The moon is without atmosphere Then which of the following conclusions is valid?

Which of the following states was previously know as NEFA? At what age his father got married? Where was Gadar Party formed? During whose reign the East India Company established their first factory in India? Which pollutant of the atmosphere inhibits the Hill reaction of photosynthesis? Then the cost of 3 oranges, 3 bananas and 3 apples cost A Rs.

Which of the triangles with the measures of sides given below is an obtuse-angled triangle? Which of the following items comes under the concurrent list? A rectangular field is half as wide as it is long, and its perimeter is p. Savarkar Which of the following teams won the 58th National Volley ball Championship Tournament held in January, ?

Which Muslim invader conquered Bengal during the time of Lakshmanasena? Who was the main inspiration of the Young Bengal movement? Why were the Indians dissatisfied with the Simon Commission? A Because no Indian was taken as a member of the Commission. B Because Indians never wanted the review of the working of Act of C Because it recommended that Dyarchy in the provinces should be abolished.

D None of the above Then how many cubes will not be visible at all? X has four children. His age equals to the sum of the ages of his four children.

A dealer sold a radio for Rs. If 15 apples and 20 oranges cost as much as 20 apples and 15 oranges, then which of the following conclusions is correct? The next term of the series 30, 42, 56, 72,


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The —— structure dwarfed all the surrounding buildings. Her —— ways captivated many young men. The thieves —— through the cupboards searching for valuable articles. The —— of the farmland was enough to sustain the small family. The —— fumes of vehicles pollute the air.




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